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Through 20 years as a teacher, coach, and researcher, I’ve developed a love of learning, a passion for working with others who are looking to better themselves, and an ability to lead. Through talks, training and workshops, I share this knowledge with other females in business, education, service and sports, empowering them to both find their voices and become the leaders they were always meant to be.

Kathleen’s Keynotes

Walk On

I  defended my PhD with the plan to pursue a new career path in higher education. The pandemic had other plans, however, and I pivoted into a new and exciting career path.

In this talk I discuss how transitions introduce valuable lessons that echo across many industries.

What Does Time Mean to You

If you are tired of running somebody else’s race, you are not alone. Mapping a unique course and setting your own pace both personally and professionally can be both exciting and scary.

In this talk I weigh the benefits of choosing the long game on your path to self-improvement.

Take Her Word for It

Title IX research has connected female athletes with an increase in academic and professional success. In my doctoral research I took a different approach in seeking ways that sports encourage greater voice empowerment.

In this talk I share what we all can accomplish when we trust that our voice matters.

Seeing the Big Picture

Every team needs that member who identifies the knowledge gaps and has the drive to develop the missing skills needed for success. This kind of give-and-take leadership is beneficial on big and small teams to reach full potential.

In this talk I share how you can lead by helping others using your unique voice and talents.

Empowering the Reluctant Leader

We all know that person who has all the earmarks of a leader but is reluctant to showcase them. Maybe they are not sure how to function in a world that more often rewards the extrovert. How do you help them engage their potential?

In this talk I share how to support those team members whose talents are (quietly) just bursting at the seams.

Being Kind and Kicking Ass

If you think that taking the lead means talking first, talking the longest, and talking the loudest, think again! Many leaders use social instincts to effectively communicate great ideas, attitudes, and team norms in ways that provide space for greater participation and team growth.

In this talk I share how to use your kindness to its full advantage with leadership training that feels good for the soul.

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 Kathleen Ralls: Leading Unique Voices.

Workshops & Trainings

Imperfect Preparation

It’s time we accept that we just don’t have time to be 100% prepared for everything. This workshop recognizes that the smallest of efforts can still go a long way.

Empowering Feedback

The best feedback pushes the individual and the team goal forward, but sometimes even the most well-intentioned advice can have a negative impact.

This workshop provides strategies on how to give and receive feedback that not only works, but also feels good.


I guide women who are curious about ways that listening can help them tap into their unique voices. I provide tools and strategies that empower women in every phase of their career.

By being better listeners, clients harness the power of networking and building strong personal and professional relationships. Women empowered to use their unique voices have greater opportunities to be effective leaders.

Let’s talk today about ways I can support your goals.

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