Take Her Word for It: Sports Cultivate World-Class Leaders

Inspired by the ways in which females are changing the world: one idea, one word, and one step at a time.

Take Her Word For It features the stories of eleven athletic females whose curiosity drives their personal and professional growth, empowering them to listen more and be the unique leaders they were meant to be.

“It is always a pleasure when intuition and hardcore evidence are one and the same. Kudos to Kathleen Ralls for taking the time and possessing the expertise as she demonstrates beyond doubt how young women who achieve athletic excellence bring solid leadership skills into other subsequent arenas time and time again.” – Madeleine Blais, Pulitzer-prize journalist and author of “In These Girls, Hope is a Muscle”


“What Carol Dweck did for growth mindset, Kathleen Ralls does for feminist leadership.” – Margaret Brooks, Global Leadership Development Associate Director for Eli Lilly and Company

Hear Their Voices

The importance of being curious and letting your authentic self determine your leadership style.

  • A U.S. Olympic runner who empowers her voice to navigate high-powered team dynamics in an honest and caring way.
  • A female prison social worker from Northern Ireland who uses her expertise to ensure the safety of an attempted summit on K-2.
  • A global special education leader who harnessed the power of curiosity to lead a new university program in Dubai.

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