Aligning Sports Lessons to Professional Success

Sport has played an integral role in of our lives. The thrill of scoring a goal or setting a personal best. The disappointment in losing or not reaching our goals. Trying out for a new team heightened our anxiety. Sometimes our efforts elicited joy while other times they left us heartbroken. 

Mostly, I was lucky and had some truly inspirational coaches who cared deeply. Maybe you were too. Our coaches said that they were proud of us, and that there were still ways for us to improve, You might have been told that you would look back on those moments with great fondness. They reminded us of the strength in numbers, and how positive reinforcement really does go a long way. They told us that we would forget the score, the records, but we would not forget our teammates and the good times we had.

As an athlete, sports researcher, and athletics coach, I can attest to all the above. I have examined the life of athletes of all levels on a global scale and have found that there is some universality to donning a uniform and competing at any age.

Often, however, we lose sight of these lessons, and the thrilling emotions that go with them. I can completely relate to that! Which is why I want to help you get that magic back in the form of personal and professional success.

My work focuses on the woman who once:

  1. Led her team to victory but now cannot imagine herself in a leadership role.
  2. Empowered herself and her teammates to use their voices, but now second-guesses her ability to effectively communicate.
  3. Set big goals and trusted the process to achieve them, but now does not have the confidence to consider herself for promotions and exciting career opportunities.

As a coach, I work with women who have identified as an athlete at any stage of their lives. Does not matter if your highest competitive level was youth swimming or collegiate field hockey! Together, we apply those lessons learned in sport to guide you to greater professional success that feels good.

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